Since 2010, we’ve been at the forefront of revolutionizing digital experiences within the sporting world. Just like athletes, we’re fueled by ambition, passion, and determination.
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Bologna • 2024 MAR 01 18:13 is a dynamic streaming TV service that captures the essence of sports from every angle, highlighting both hidden talents and top champions. We gave the brand a fresh new look, designed an engaging website, and developed cutting-edge technology for seamless live and on-demand broadcasts. Our innovative player, featuring interactive “Squeeze Back” technology, maximizes content monetization like never before.


Verona • 2024 FEB 14 22:26

The first ever Sports investigative series, filled with action, adventure, edgy music, psychology and humour. A true mix of procedural crime drama and visceral, real sports action. For this project, we transformed the website with a sleek redesign, ensuring flawless optimization for all mobile devices. We crafted a captivating and user-friendly layout tailored specifically for a TV series site.


Rome • 2024 MAR 11 21:00

The Italian Sportrait Awards are among the most prestigious sports accolades in Italy. Spoome has been showcasing this event with unmatched expertise since its inception twelve years ago. Thanks to our advanced technology, over 500,000 users vote for the Athletes of the Year annually. Partnerships with Sky Sport, Rai Sport, and Sport Mediaset have elevated our coverage to national and international acclaim.


Potenza • 2024 FEB 19 17:00

In 2024, the premiere of the Basilicata Sport Awards set the stage on fire, marking a triumphant debut we’re immensely proud of. From conceptualization to live streaming, we orchestrated every detail with finesse, showcasing our full spectrum of expertise. Sporting luminaries like Massimiliano Rosolino, Domenico Lacerenza, Francesco Colonnese, and Francesca Palumbo graced the occasion, infusing it with star power and sheer excellence. And let’s not forget the incomparable Cristina Chiuso, whose captivating presence as the evening’s host elevated the event to unforgettable heights.



Riverstown • 2024 AGO 06 18:21

Elisa Santoni, the reigning queen of Rhythmic Gymnastics and esteemed captain of the “Farfalle Azzurre”, dazzles with an illustrious collection of Olympic, World, and European honors. Back in 2014, Learning Vision had the honor of teaming up with her to unveil an electrifying advertising campaign, igniting excitement and promoting English language study programs far and wide.


Potenza • 2021 JUN 09 14:38

Padel 924 emerges as the ultimate haven for Padel aficionados, offering an unmatched sanctuary dedicated to the sport’s passion and fervor. With our creative mastery, we birthed a captivating brand identity, a cutting-edge website, and innovative court management software, ensuring a seamless experience for all players. Moreover, we orchestrated a spectacular inauguration extravaganza and orchestrated dynamic tournament promotions, cementing Padel 924 as the unrivaled epicenter of this beloved sport.


Rome • 2012 JUL 02 10:37

Carlo Molfetta isn’t just a sports star; he’s a living legend whose name resonates with triumph and excellence worldwide. From clinching Olympic gold at the 2012 London Games in Taekwondo to steering the helm as General Director for the prestigious 2026 Mediterranean Games in Taranto, his journey epitomizes greatness. Back in 2013, we had the privilege of crafting the iconic CM11 brand, a symbol of Carlo’s unwavering commitment to success. Moreover, we sculpted a dynamic website, a digital stage to showcase his remarkable journey and inspire future generations to reach for the stars.


Rome • 2021 MAY 27 21:03

Black Line isn’t just another cosmetics brand—it’s a game-changer revolutionizing the industry for athletes worldwide. Picture this: Solution C, a game-saving formula engineered to combat the harsh effects of chlorine, perfect for water sports enthusiasts. And leading this charge is none other than Cristina Chiuso, swimming sensation turned TV icon and mastermind behind Black Line. Together, we’ve crafted more than a brand; we’ve created a movement. From sleek packaging to dynamic promotions, we’re empowering athletes to not just look good, but to dominate the game like never before.


Lagonegro • 2019 SEP 13

La Rinascita Volley Lagonegro is more than just a volleyball team—it’s a beacon of professionalism and passion in the sport. In 2019, we embarked on an exhilarating journey with the team, from crafting their sleek new official uniforms to spearheading their comprehensive online and offline communication and marketing strategies. Together, we elevated the team’s presence both on and off the court, solidifying their status as true contenders in the world of volleyball.


Milan • 2016 APR 02 10:21

World Apnea Champion in 2004, now a Medical Doctor, Specialist in Orthodontics, Ph.D. Researcher, and Professor at the University of Pavia. Breathing Coach and Author of books including ‘The Science of Breathing’ and ‘The Anti-Stress Power of Breathing’. For this remarkable professional, we crafted, a dynamic website that encapsulates the captivating narrative of his multifaceted endeavors. From his prowess as a writer to his expertise as a medical practitioner, professor, and television personality, each page radiates his passion and expertise across diverse fields. With an eye-catching design and seamless navigation, the website celebrates Mike Maric‘s versatility and excellence, offering an immersive experience for every visitor.


Potenza • 2018 JUL 23 16:47

Step into the vibrant world of +Sport Potenza, an exhilarating annual extravaganza that pulses with the spirit of sportsmanship in the heart of Potenza. In 2018, we proudly joined forces as media partners, igniting the event with our dynamic website design and captivating online and offline graphics. From inception to execution, we stood shoulder to shoulder with the organizers, ensuring every moment unfolded seamlessly. And when international sports luminaries like Massimiliano Rosolino and Arianna Errigo graced the occasion, they transformed it into an unforgettable celebration of athleticism and inspiration.


POTENZA • 2016 AUG 25 15:00

In 2016, we spearheaded a groundbreaking collaboration with the Basilicata Regional Committee of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the National Amateur League (LND), igniting a revolution in football services. Together, we envisioned and brought to life a visionary corporate project: a dynamic mobile app for iOS and Android. This game-changing app not only brought live football matches to users’ fingertips but also unlocked a treasure trove of exclusive commercial perks from FIGC Basilicata’s esteemed partners. With this innovation, we didn’t just raise the bar; we redefined the playing field for football enthusiasts across the region.


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